Inventor Of ‘Water-Powered Car’ Dies In A Restaurant Screaming ‘They Poisoned Me’

The purpose of the dinner was said to recognize Meyer’s work, but also to get the vehicle that runs on water patented.All was fine until Myer took a sip from his cup of cranberry juice and started to violently choke, eyewitnesses saw him running outside whilst violently vomiting.As Meyer lay in his brother’s arms he screamed: “They poisoned me”.
Was he murdered?

Stanley Meyer’s water car invention had the ability to travel all of the US on a measly 22 gallons of water, which, if was patented and mass produced, could have wiped out the monopoly the oil industry had on motor travel.

The British Advanced Energy Institute sent an envoy to research his work stating: “We recently sent a delegation to witness Stan’s work, to really evaluate it. This is one of the most important inventions of the century.”

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