Ancient UNDERWATER structure, said to be 14,000 years old—Could this be evidence of ALIEN bases & UFOs?

Three decades ago, a Japanese diver discovered a massive stone complex near Yonaguni, at the southwestern-most tip of the Japanese archipelago. Scientists have determined that this structure is man-made and that it must have been built more than 14,000 years ago—a conclusion that led some to seek out more “paranormal” explanations.

The massive structure, first discovered by tour diver Kihachiro Aratake, consists of megalithic stone formations, the largest of which resembles a tiered pyramid the size of two football fields.

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The underwater ruins, which lie at depths ranging between 60 and 100 feet below the surface, is considered one of the greatest underwater archeological discoveries in history.

Based on geometric patterns present at the site, scientists have concluded that the formation is not natural. While the structure contains “tons of right angles,” there are also clearly rectangular channels, which lead to stairwells.

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According to Graham Hancock, author of the book “Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization,” the structure, which he believes to be a “ceremonial complex,” was built using a scale of thinking that far surpasses all stone-age civilizations known to us. According to him, the structure was probably built before the thaw of the last ice age, which would have caused massive flooding, a conclusion that would date the structure to over 14,000 years ago.

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Given that mankind was unable to conceive of such structures so early, (thus implying that they could not have been built by mankind), some scientists have further formed theories in the direction of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Looking into the history of the area where the ruins were found, there are untold numbers of accounts of strange phenomena that have occurred.

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According to ancient Japanese history, the area of sea south of Japan has long been the subject of legends, telling of fire-breathing underwater dragons flying out of the water and capsizing vessels, while causing sailors to meet a watery grave. That area of ocean was termed the “Dragon’s Triangle,” also known as the “Devil’s Sea.”

In modern times, this area is considered a hotbed of UFO activity, with descriptions of glowing objects rising out of the water and circling ships from above.

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Strangely enough, this vast stretch of water has a counterpart on the exact opposite side of the earth, on exactly the same line of latitude, the 25th parallel north—and that is of course the Bermuda Triangle, also considered to be a hotbed of UFO and paranormal phenomena.

Both areas of water similarly are considered treacherous, where magnetic phenomena causing compasses and instruments to fail are common, and literally thousands of vessels and aircraft have entered the region only to vanish, often without a distress call being made, and without a trace.

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The similarities don’t end there; just as ancient ruins were discovered on the outskirts of the Dragon’s Triangle, so too have there been ruins found beneath the oceans off the coast of Cuba, just on the outskirts of the Bermuda Triangle, including terraced, pyramid structures. Could there be some connection between the ruins of the east Atlantic and those of Yonaguni in the Pacific?

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Some paranormal experts have considered the possibility that the areas of the Triangles could indicate the existence of alien bases, which might have existed on earth for thousands of years.

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Given the facts that these structures must have been built before they were submerged some 14,000 years ago and that stone-age man could not have conceived such structures as early as that time, who could have created these structures? Is it merely coincidence that ruins are located beside the mysterious seas of the Bermuda and Dragon’s Triangle?

Could all of these mysteries be explained by the existence of aliens and alien bases beneath the sea, or could there be some less extraordinary, more conventional explanation? Please share your thoughts!


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